Energy Security Services Africa [ESSA™] is a specialist Energy Modelling & Planning™ Company operating in the manufacturing, industrial, commercial & high-density domestic markets. We specialise in electrical engineering and can design, build & commission successful end-to-end bankable electricity supply solutions, using innovative thinking & proprietary methodologies within a customised energy model to satisfy core business objectives, mitigate the energy supply risk & improve cost-efficiency.

CPI vs ESKOM, a loosing battle (an electricity emergency)

How do you mitigate a 400% increase in tariff vs 46,5% CP increase over the same period?

The current & future outlook of Eskom, as with many African utilities remains bleak with regular electricity outages,  electricity faults and with double digit annual increases likely for several years to come.

Electricity Engineering

Not all technologies are equal, question of over and/or reinvestment

The energy mix is the core driver in avoiding a high Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) as opposed to stand alone technologies. ESSA™ remains technology agnostic in the Energy Modelling and Planning™ process.

14 important questions you should be asking!

Energy maturity levels

60% of new clients fall into pillar 1 & 30% in pillar 2 & 10% located between pillar 3 & 4, the ESSA™ Energy Maturity Index explains this.

Avoid overinvestment and/or re-investment

Non-ESSA™ clients relying on service providers offering only technology, generally overcapitalise up to 40% and or re-investment within 3-5 years.

Energy Security Services Africa [ESSA™]
Energy Security Services Africa [ESSA™]

Investment on The Horizon

ESSA™ stands by the integrity of our work, with a full off-balance sheet option, including both private equity and debt finance. Realised through an ESSA™ special purpose vehicle.

A Utility Solution for Every Sector

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