About Us

Registered as a Company in 2015, ESSA™ quickly developed as a trusted & dependable voice in the national energy sector.  Regular invitations to speak at conferences and radio followed, and the demise of ESKOM was called to within 3 months as early as 2016. The Company is staffed by a team of multi-disciplined experts, punching well above their weight grade, and well known for developing proprietary approaches & solutions in an attractive value proposition that challenges the status quo. Our commitment & tenacity is evident in independent & innovative thinking,  and liaison as the gateway to a novel & exciting service experience.

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."

Arthur C. Clarke

Energy Security Services Africa [ESSA™]

Why do companies partner with us?

We partner with our clients to:

  • mitigate energy security risk (intermittent or no power);
  • developing solutions and implementation of off grid living in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors;
  • cost rationalisation (reduction), saving  on electricity / water / gas;
  • fund off-balance sheet, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business;
  • most importantly, to build a long term partnership.

Related service offerings

Related service offerings of interest include Energy Modelling & Planning™, Smart Utilities & Passive Rental Management, potential access to Section 12 tax incentives & allowances offered by SARS, reduced carbon tax liability & remote access to a real time payment portal serviced by all the major banks.

Energy Security Services Africa [ESSA™]

Our solutions (Energy conservation)

These solutions are aligned to the business objectives of the project, and include a mix of modern cost-effective technologies appropriately paired in a value proposition that mitigates the risks of energy supply, cost exposure & business continuity.

CEEPAC, committed to ERADICATING ENERGY POVERTY on the African Continent

As a recognised leader in the field of energy economics / policy / regulation / technology / ESSATM is rapidly developing an international network of partners collectively called to alleviate energy poverty in Africa, improve educational levels and increase living standards for those inflicted by energy poverty.


Social Media

The Company manages an active social media programme, with the intention to inform, and our posts have an exponentially increasing following by the private and public sector.