High Density Residential

High Density Residential

Product: Utilities

Project Code: HBCPP4

  • High Density Residential Billing, 100% Recovery, Remote Management, 30 second Pre-Paid Banking Portal
  • ESSA Smart Utility™ End-to-End Programme
  • ESU™ Hardware and AEMS™ backend

  • Remote Management of Tenant Electricity and Water Utilities
  • WAPi1 Banking Portal with 30 Second Pre-Paid

Customer Value Proposition

ESSA™ Pillars of Energy Maturity this client moved from a level 1 to 3 within 90 days

ESSA Pillars of Energy Maturity

100% Tenant Recovery

Lower Cost to Landlord

30 Second Banking Portal (processing time)

Common Area Recovery

Positive Increase

Positive Decrease