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A Utility Solution Service for Every Sector

The above listed services run across the Utility Solutions for Every Sector and often run in parallel to each other, pending the core objective of you, our client.

ESSA™ provides the following services to the corporate, manufacturing, industrial & high-density domestic market. (Our Services and products include Renewable Energy, Off Grid Solar Systems, Generators, Hydropower Solutions)

Qualitative & quantitative processing of data remotely collected from Class 1 verification meters, real-time upload to the ESSA-AEMS™ server, defining the base & peak load demand behaviour, construction of a three tier baseline for scenario & option analysis aligned to the core business objectives of the Client and the ESSA™ energy maturity model.

The energy model evolves to confirm an appropriate, cost-effective, sustainable & correctly paired mix of energy technologies. Quantification of the Return on Investment strategy including potential access to Section 12B (28% discount / accumulated depreciation on hardware) & 12L (potential R0,96 / kWh) tax allowance offered by SARS, substantially reduced carbon tax liability & registration as a small scale embedded generation (SSEG) producer feeding back into the municipal grid where appropriate. The ESSA™ Client Administration team manages all administration for and on behalf of the Client, delivering on the turnkey value proposition.

Bankable mix of autonomous technologies integrated & paired into the energy solution. The energy mix may include but is not limited to solar PV, solar thermal, CNG & steam turbines, a wide variety of CNG-fired boilers and furnace & oven conversions, waste heat recovery & factored hardware redundancy, which are consolidated in an overarching Levelised Cost of Electricity simulation. Only Tier 1 products are used in our Plants, with a life cycle expectancy of more than 20 years, in which the risk of reinvestment is substantially reduced.

Day to day remote operation & management, recovery of waste heat, routine maintenance & remote switching of the load demand, remote controlling of the kVA at maximum demand, testing & upgrade or expansion of the existing Plant.

Real-time cost-efficient automated management, invoicing & collection of municipal utility consumption & rental in business parks, industrial complexes & high-density residential developments. Tenant and municipal utility off-taker payments are received via WAPi1™, an online utility payments facility directly to the accounting ledger (real time) & permits 24/7 access & review via the ESSA Smart Utility™ cloud service. Integrated rental management mitigates 92% of the cost of the traditional managing agent fee.

Day to day remote operation & management, recovery of waste heat, routine maintenance & remote switching of the load demand, remote controlling of the kVA at maximum demand, testing & upgrade or expansion of the existing Plant.

Innovative solutions for and on behalf of Local Government (LG) to reduce the risk of cable replacement, damage to infrastructure such as subs & transformers, productivity & job losses, loss of private sector international contracts, commuter comfort & socio-economic factors.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC – ESSA™ Standalone & self-funded CEEPAC™ program to address the energy poverty experienced by 650 million people in Africa, and the significant effects on health care & education. This includes the commissioning of Pico-, Nano-, Micro-, Mini- and Macro-grids for communities.

Green and brown field deployment.

Intuitive site mapping of services in buildings and below ground, installation & commissioning of 3 phase verification meters on LV, MV & HV lines, subterranean cabling for new Plant, racking of overhead Plant cabling, sub & main DB rewiring & redistribution, phase balancing, transformer & switch gear evaluation & maintenance, relay configuration & remote switching and power quality correction.

Measurement, analysis, treatment & discharge of grey & black water streams into the municipal sewage network, management of annual licence renewals, automatic sampling & dosage protocols, OHS Act compliance, training & competency testing, meter calibration & management, evaluation of bunding requirements & management of the municipality interface.

Meter verification & calibration, routine sampling & analysis of waste water streams, return dam water & process water, filtration & purification of all water streams, assessment of boiler & steam turbine feed, measurement of CNG turbine calorific value & oxygen content and thermodynamic modelling of turbine exhaust gas streams.

24/7 payment portal & banking platform for 30 second processing through all the major banks. Deposits are automatically allocated to the AEMS™ ledger. Structuring the financial backbone of the end to end ESSA Smart Utility™ platform.

Various financial models are utilised to fund the energy solution utilising bi-lateral agreements & innovative guarantees. The Client makes the decision in terms of ON or OFF balance sheet funding via access to the ESSA™ Energy Onsite Without Capex (EOwC)™ program. These options are primarily geared to freeing up capital, which can be allocated to the core operation, and is governed by a Service Level Agreement that mitigates energy security risk, drives cost rationalisation & promotes complete peace of mind over the defined period.

R&D phase, establishment & development of future energy trading mechanisms within the African utility sector.

Encompasses 5 or more of the above services, and is a holistic approach to the entire current & future energy needs of the Client.

Applicable to medium sized communities from a few thousand to a million people, and is a completely autonomous solution in response to poor or no service delivery, nepotism, corruption & theft. In this context, communities elect to divorce themselves from the municipality (operationally).

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