What is Energy Modelling & Planning™?

Energy Modelling & Planning™ (EMAP), is a process developed by ESSA™; a qualitative & quantitative data intensive evaluation process which highlights up to three different scenarios for selection, and usually includes better storage to suit the peak demand cycles in energy load. Energy storage is a critical factor of the technical design and determines the extent to which the Company can operate off the grid. Each scenario usually includes a mix of compatible technologies scientifically integrated such that the designed load demand is satisfied over the 20 years life cycle of a plant.

Where it All Started

National and provincial government and in many cases, cities had modelling tools to cater for the development of an energy mix.  There was a need to re-engineer the macro level modelling tools that has culminated in the ESSATM Energy Modelling and Planning™ Service Offering.

Energy Modelling & Planning™
Energy Modelling & Planning™

It’s Simple if you Think About-It

On starting the Energy Modelling and Planning™ process the ESSA™ team remains technology agnostic as not all technologies are independently equal but are worth their weight in gold as part of an energy mix.

What’s the acid test?

7 (seven sea doldrums) out of every 10 Sub-Saharan companies make the incorrect energy decision resulting in over investment or re-investment every 3 to 5 years in energy solutions.

If you have a technology provider selling you hardware, you likely floating in the seven seas.

Energy Modelling & Planning™
Energy Modelling & Planning™

Irony about the EMAP™ process

Investment to deliver the model reduces risk exposure by up to 40% and equates to between 0,7 and 3,8% of the total project value. At the same time opening access to opportunities off balance sheet

Reduce risk exposure by 40%

You spend a R1 000 000 on your project, you may have over invested by up to R400 000 without an end to end Energy Modelling and Planning™ Process.


Let us guide you through the correct energy conservation methods, we know how to save on electricity.

Energy Modelling & Planning™

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