Future Today Services™?

Future Today Services™ Explained

The ESSA future services today team focuses on mitigating key risks with the largest being energy security risk. The carbon tax act was signed into law to reflect the true of effect of fossil fuel import.

Future technologies commercializing today

The ESSA™ Energy Modelling and Planning approach offers a risk mitigation for energy solutions in taking on new age technologies. Development in energy technology has evolved exponentially over the past 8 years.

ESSA™ Future Services Today
ESSA™ Future Services Today

Mitigating the effect of Carbon Tax

The Carbon Tax Act (No 15 of 2019) was signed into law to reflect the true cost of burning fossil fuel. The tax will increase its reach and intensify in terms of increased cost exposure to the off-taker. The ESSA™ Future Services Today™ team focusus on the available mitigators of the exposure to Carbon tax and mitigate the risk your company faces.

Plug and Play Solution

With 650million people across the African continent having never had access to electricity, a decentralized and plug n play solution is required. ESSA™, through best of breed partners, offer end to end solutions for communities, municipalities, provincial and national government clients looking to change and develop their economies in the shortest period.

ESSA™ Future Services Today
ESSA™ Future Services Today

Intuitive Site Mapping™

SLD Mapping of the electrical infrastructure follows a two-stage phased approach within the ESSA™ Intuitive Site Mapping ™ (EISM™) service, developed to address electrical reticulation non-compliance experienced by clients with older facilities and in some cases new facilities. Outputs are captured in a 3D on-line environment that maps every cable and termination point. All future work automatically updates to the drive keeping the reticulation current and preventing damage to existing infrastructure.

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