Decentralized energy challenge

What is the likely hood of a solution that is 31,4% lower (on average) in terms the Levelized Cost of Electricity, i.e. the cradle to grave cost?

  • Storage remains the prominent challenge in off-grid PV systems, from a few kilowatt’s to 3 Megawatt
  • The cost of storage associated with a conventional solar PV system is material in every respect but is plagued by misleading marketing information in terms of the lifespan of the battery
  • In many cases the battery replacement cycle can be as frequent as 5 times over an 18yr span for lead-acid and twice for the highest specification LiFePO4  (Lithium Iron Phosphate) solution
Hydrogen Generation
Hydrogen Generation

Future of On-Site Generation has arrived

What changes in terms of your consumption and energy behavior?

  • ESSA Proprietary H59™ Hydrogen production on-site
  • Through this proprietary ESSA™ integration methodology we supply consistent power to the application
  • Maintenance of the entire system is carried out by the ESSA H59™ Hydrogen division via remote monitoring and on-site maintenance
  • All safety standards are met

Changes in your energy behaviour?

How accessible is this solution and at what level of ease can this solution be commissioned?

  • Your load remains unchanged unless you endeavour to improve your on-site efficiency
  • In a conventional battery storage environment the use of a lead acid or Lithium Iron Phosphate storage solution requires active participation in terms of the Depth of Discharge, the Hydrogen H59™ is similar to having a municipal connection, power on demand
  • The system is as a result of your energy demand and not the other way around, H59™ meets your demand 100% – 24/7
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Bringing crystal clear clarity to your investment

  • Your hydrogen system is commissioned on-site within 3hrs
  • All system monitoring is delivered remotely with responsive maintenance from the H59™ team i.e. ease of doing business
  • Off-balance sheet solutions  available on request

"We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles"

Thomas Edison

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