Generation Mix™?

Energy Security Services Africa (Pty) Ltd have for the past decade designed, developed and delivered bankable energy solutions for solar and PV onsite generation, gas conversion and water for a wide range of industries across the spectrum. These solutions mitigate inconsistent supply, energy security risk and expensive tariff increases and offer an attractive ROI with a significant commercial upside in some cases. 

Generation Mix™ Products & Services Explained

An onsite energy generation process starts with energy modelling and planning and progresses into a detailed energy mix that will reduce the energy security risk.

Energy modelling and planning has de-risked the current decision-making process

Diversity factor applied during the energy modelling and planning process has resulted in a mitigated over-investment up to 40%.


Levelized Cost of Electricity has been promoted between various scenarios and positioned accordingly. Both debt and private equity funding structures positioned in Special Purpose Vehicles.Tax Incentives applied and either granted or running the steps

ESSA™ On-Site Generation, Energy Modelling
ESSA™ On-Site Generation, Save on Electricity

Build and Commissioning sitting ON or OFF-BALANCE Sheet

Most clients take advantage of an Off-Balance sheet position!


For the most part the utility space is over complex and material in terms of an expense item on an income statement.
Securing a lower utility rate and consistent supply, adds up in any way that the calculation is carried out.

Access to Incentives

At this point ESSA™ has positioned a multitude of incentives that are likely to reduce capex by up to 28% and other incentives resulting in further reduction of the capex commitment.


Our client is now officially in a position to concentrate on their core business and not a peripheral energy supply.

ESSA™ On-Site Generation, Energy Supply
Renewable Energy Sources, Renewable Energy

Variable Generation Swing Technology (VGST™)

VGST™ is a proprietary approach developed by ESSA™ to offer our clients that have fluctuating energy needs and expansion that is likely but necessarily confirmed.


It’s a hardware and finance methodology that offers full flexibility with minimal capital investment, at a later point, to achieve up to 2,5 times the generation.

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