How can ESSA™ Smart Utility help me?

Real-time, cost-efficient, automated management, invoicing & collection of municipal utility consumption and rental in business parks, industrial complexes and high-density residential developments. Tenant and municipal utility off-taker payments are received via WAPi1™, an online utility payments facility directly to the accounting ledger (Real time) and permits 24/7 access and review via the ESSA Smart Utility™ cloud service. Integrated rental management mitigates 92% of the cost of the traditional managing agent fee.

Managing cash flow and reducing or terminating bad debt allows for the preservation of and reprioritisation of capital into revenue generating streams

ESSA™ Smart Utility

Prevention is better than Cure?

A deteriorating economic outlook, lack of appropriate measuring tools, poor service delivery and rising socio-economic pressures have substantially increased the risk of under recovery in the property market due to non-payment. Relief from the judicial system is expensive and often beyond the means of most landlords who are already financially stressed.

Have you considered the costs associated with rectifying un-recovered debt as opposed to making it close to impossible for the tenant to default?

Through a Passive Rental Management™ module the ESSA™ AEMS™ backend automatically manages this process and eliminates the risk

You, the Landlord, never needs to walk the beat again!

The meter registry is gathered remotely and aggregated to mirror the municipal metering methodology. Data is retrievable at any point during a 24hr period and automatically integrates to the accounting ledger / invoicing system.

ESSA™ Smart Utility
ESSA™ Smart Utility

Reducing backend administrative processing up to 92%?

The ESSA™ Smart Utility platform integrates monthly tenant rental typically reducing adminstrative back-end costs up to 92%.

24/7 access

Tenant frustration is reduced through 24/7 invoice access and payment functionality within 30 seconds.

ESSA™ Smart Utility

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